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Number Crunching

60 minutes



Full payment is $880

This is a non-refundable deposit for $150.

The outstanding $730 will be invoiced for and must be paid prior to the date of your one on one Roadmap Session with Ayda Shabanz (receipt must be provided to Grow at your meeting).

Take the emotion out of your biggest financial decisions, by crunching the numbers with our expert team.

Together, we will crunch the critical numbers, so you understand exactly what the cost of investing will be, and how it will impact your cash flow. You’ll be guided through your current financial circumstances, to gain a true measure of your starting position—and what possibilities it presents. 

Before you can get where you want to go, you need to truly know where you are. And only with certainty can you make financial decisions with confidence and better understand your true capacity to invest.

With up to four properties analysed in any one session, our experts will help you start your journey on a path to success with a clear vision of the road ahead. 

Together, we will:

  • Review your maximum borrowing capacity for both investment and live in
  • Calculate all associated costs for purchasing property (up to four properties)
  • Determine the actual cost per week to live in your property (up to four properties)
  • Determine the actual cost per week to have an investment property (up to four properties) 
  • Assess your pre tax cash flow (up to four properties)
  • Estimate your post tax cash flow (up to four properties)
  • Review any existing loans and provide tailored savings recommendations 
  • Review the current structures you have in place and provide tailored recommendations 
  • Provide recommendations on loan structures 
  • Review your actual affordability position against property costs 
  • Provide cost comparisons of ‘purchase to live in’ vs ‘investing’
"Property investment now seems something that is within reach."
Caroline H

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